Friday, November 30, 2012

Cinnamon Challenge

Have you ever done the Cinnamon Challenge?

The other day, James and I decided to do some game.
The person that picks the toy that Yuri picks wins.

For some people who didn't watch this, you can watch it.

Yuri decided to pick the toy that James picked....


He did this butt ceremony.

And then, he wanted me to do Cinnamon Challenge!!!
It is basically eating a spoonful of Cinnamon Powder.

I saw some people's Cinnamon Challenge, and the videos really made me scared.

These are some of the fun videos of Cinnamon Challenge.
LOL!!!! This really made me laugh so hard.... but the same time, I got scared....

And then I watched this video. I got terrified.

But I promised people that I would do the challenge! 

So I did it!!!!

And Enjoy!!! ASIAN POWER!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Our November

Today is the last day of November. Wow!! Already!!!
Yuri has developed quite rapidly. (At least, that is what I felt.)
Unlike, other babies, she hardly moved with her tummy. I was just wondering when she will ever start crawling, but she seemed not starting. 
But, when she turned 8 months. She started to put her buttocks way high up in the air and try to crawl. I guess some babies just skip the moving with a belly part. 
I found it really really cute, so I took some pictures of her doing it.

Yuri is a bit frustrated because she can't crawl.

James helped Yuri to crawl by putting a mouse in front of her so that she would want to grab it.

Yuri had a congested nose in November. So the other day, we went to the hospital.

Daddy, I am scared to be in the hospital.

We had some shopping on Black Friday.

I bought some clothes after a long time. I got some good deals. hehehe. But I don't have any pictures of me wearing them. :(

I am wearing one of the tops that I got in this video.

I was trying to speak some Chinese. lol.
I don't think that you can see it well. So I might take some pictures of the clothes that I got later. :)

Yuri is trying to stand up holding things lately. I need to keep my eye on her all the time. It is a bit exhausting..  but it is okay because I love her. hehehehe.


I love you smile, Yuri.

But, soon enough, she didn't like the earmuff.

I took this picture just before she yanked it from her ears. lol.

26th of November was her 9th month mark. I wanted to put her on the floor and take some pictures of her, but she didn't let me. She wanted to crawl to me and moved so fast that I couldn't get her still picture.

I put her down and backed off a bit so that I could take a picture, but she was always on the way to me already. lol

So, I needed James's help when he came back home.

I am 9 months today! :)

Yay!!! :)

Daddy kissing Yuri.

Yuri kissing Daddy...
So cute. :)

Yuri! Are you kissing Daddy or eating Daddy? lol.

Yuri blowing kisses to you!!! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Korean people love 'Events.'

이벤트(Ibenteu) is basically 'Event' in Konglish.

In a dictionary, the word 'event' means
a. Something that takes place; an occurrence.
b. A significant occurrence or happening.
c. A social gathering or activity.

So, it is just any occurrence in English.

But, in Konglish, we use 이벤트 as a very special occurrence or some special thing that you do for somebody.

If a store holds 이벤트 an event, that means they might have some major sale for customers or bring some celebrities to the store so more customers can come to the store.

Black Friday, Black Saturday, Cyber Monday are considered 이벤트 in Korea.

This is an 이벤트 of 'Study abroad agency.'
They are saying they will give out some scholarship since they just opened a website about going to Japan.

Dunkin Donuts is doing some 이벤트 on Valentines day. If they buy something for their Valentines, they might win some prizes!

The loan company is doing some 이벤트 saying they will loan some money without interest for 7 days.

You can do some 이벤트 between couples.

If someone 이벤트하다 for her boyfriend or his girlfriend, that means they will throw some surprise party or propose with some music, songs in a nice place.

They do 이벤트 for their boyfriend or girlfriends' birthdays, anniversaries, 100 days after they became boyfriend or girlfriend, Valentine day, some special day, proposal, etc...

They light some candles and confess their love.

They reserve a coffee shop or a restaurant and decorate the place and confess their love with their friends.

They propose outside in public with strangers looking at them.

Especially women dream about romantic 이벤트 from their boyfriends, so many Korean guys are a bit pressured to do those 이벤트 since many other guys do it and their girlfriends get jealous and put some pressure to them.

이벤트 between couples takes place usually in public. They confess their love in the movie theater or they propose in a big coffee shop where there are many people.

Korea is such an 이벤트 country. If you don't do 이벤트, you are just not romantic and your girlfriend might think that you don't deserve a girlfriend. lol.

This is proposal 이벤트 which took place in Gangnam.

Here, a groom does 이벤트 at his wedding for his bride.

So... if you want a Korea girlfriend, REMEMBER! 이벤트 is very important! Especially in PUBLIC!! like in a movie!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Korean people's Thoughts about Marriage

Today, my husband was looking at one picture and started giggling.

I took a look at it, and I could find some comments like 'So true.' 'Hahaha, that is true.'
13 people shared the picture to other people, so I guess people really thought that this picture reflects some of truth.

This is another fun joke that is popular. Obviously, guys think that marriage is a crazy thing.

Even from many movies, soap operas, and stories, a lot of men are so against marriage in the USA.

However, this thing can be hardly seen and found in Korea.

Korean women are not that excited about marriage.

M brain monitor(Korean survey company) did a survey to 2000 people in Korea.

57.6% said 'Marriage is not the necessary element of Happiness.

While 46.3% of men responded that 'you can be happy without marriage,' 68.9% of women responded that 'you can be happy without marriage.'
More women think that they can be happy without marriage.

The reason why women think like that is in Korea, even though women have a job and work, they are still considered to be the one who are responsible for the house work and chores, which is totally unfair to women.

Even among my friends, many guy friends of mine want to get married and settle down, but many girl friends of mine want to enjoy their single life and postpone her marriage as far as she can. lol.

So... those pictures of American joke didn't make me laugh nor empathize.

This is the link of the article of Korean newpaper. If you can't read Korean, you don't need to bother to click it. lol. I am just saying I didn't make this up. I have a reference. lol.

Now, those pictures made me have some questions. 

Why do American girls love to get married?
Is the US a really heaven for women? (unlike Korea since Korean women have lots of responsibility after they get married.)
Do US women not get stressed as much as Korean women?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Which toy will Yuri choose?

Yuri got a stuffed nose. :( Last night, she kept waking up crying and refused to sleep. Because of that, I was soooooooo tired this morning. I heard that doctors cannot really do much for baby's cold since babies can't take medication(at least strong one?). I don't know if I should take her to the hospital or not, but I am thinking I need to...

Well.. I uploaded this video "Which toy will Yuri choose?" and asked which Yuri will pick between her favorite toys.

James chose the pink iphone case and I chose the wrench (since I got no choice).
The person who picks the toy that Yuri will pick wins the game, and the other will be the loser and need to receive the penalty.
I asked viewers to give us some penalty ideas, and some people contributed some cool ideas.

There were like

"The loser should do the cinnamon challenge!"
"The loser should act like the other person!"
"The loser should act like Yuri the next time."
"The loser should dance gangnam dance!"
"The loser should do 20 push-ups with Yuri on her/his back."

Wow... Pretty tough ones. lol.

Well. Already the result is out. Yuri chose one toy.

So someone is going to do some penalty this saturday.

It is gonna be fun.

If you haven't comment and contribute some ideas yet. Go ahead and do it! The ideas will be considered until this saturday before we record our penalty!

Thanks. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

How we met (6)

Read from the beginning!
How we met (1) Click!!!

James kept saying there was "a woman", and she got angry and he couldn't understand why she was angry at him.
I asked him who she was, and James told me he didn't know her, but she got angry at him.

The more he talked, the more I couldn't understand what he was talking about and couldn't trust him.
Then, I thought, 'Maybe he is talking about what he did while he was gone.'

Yes! He was! He was talking about what he was doing when he was gone.

So.. when I combined what he was saying...

1. There was a woman.

2. He just met her before I came.

3. She got angry when she saw me coming with him.

4. She poured the drink from her glass on James.

5. James couldn't understand why she was jealous and angry.

6. He got angry, too!

That was basically what I collected from drunk James.


I was standing in front of him listening to what he had to say and started to wonder why he tried so hard to explain what had happened with some woman to ME. The funny thing was 'for some reason' he was acting like my boyfriend who tried so hard to explain what happened and I was acting like his girlfriend who could not trust him. lol.

Well.. I didn't want to keep talking about things that I could not understand and maybe not really important. (Anyway, I was not his girlfriend. I didn't have any right to find out who the woman was and things like that...) So, I told James to dance together.

We danced... and danced..

He told me I was good at dancing. He smiled at me. He looked into my eyes. I looked into his eyes. For some reason, I was attracted to him. But, he didn't really hold me or touch me.
That made him look innocent at the same time sexy.

I just couldn't understand why I was attracted to him.

He had all the reasons that I should not like him.

1. He met me drunk. (This was our official first hangout!)

2. He ditched me for 2 hours (without telling me!)

3. He was not good at couple dance, which means he was better at dancing himself rather than dancing with me. (Hahahaha. I just put this thing for the heck of it because I thought that there should be at least three

Anyway, I had to admit that I felt attracted to him.

But,,, James didn't try to hold me or grab my waist or give me some little peck on my cheek or forehead or whatever it is. He just didn't do it!

Gosh! Who is this guy??!! Is he interested in me?? How can I find it out?

I looked at him. He looked at me. I went close to him. He grabbed my waist...


Thanks for reading and showing support! The story is almost over, so you will not need to be frustrated by my ending and wait for a while. hahaha. I think I will have one or two more stories, and it will be done. Keep showing support and comment below! Thank you! :)

Go to How we met (7)!

Pictures from my Macbook (November)

I took some pictures of us with my Macbook webcam, and I decided to upload them here. 

Hi, Guys! :)

I asked him to give some pimp daddy look, and this is what he gave. And.... a friend of ours on facebook said he looks angry. lol.

With my baby, Yuri.

Yuri smiling with mommy.

Looking at each other again.

I love you so much...

Our first family picture attempt.
Where is James? What is Yuri doing? lol.

The second attempt. 
OK. We like this one. :)