Monday, December 17, 2012

My opinion about eating dog

Many people know that Korean people eat dog.

I remember when I was young, I lived very close to a traditional market.
There was a restaurant where they sold dog meat, and there was always a dog tied in front of the restaurant.
I was really scared to pass by the restaurant whenever I was coming back home from school.
I could not believe people can eat dog meat.. It seemed really barbaric to me.

Now, I am older and wiser. I see things in a different perspective.
I think I can understand eating dog culture and people who eat dog meat.

It is just our culture!!

First of all, Korean people went through a big war called Korean war. I am sure people were very hungry.

There were not enough food and meat around them. So, they had to eat anything such dogs or even insects and worms. If there was anything that they could eat, they would not refuse to eat... They were hungry.

Second, we didn't raise dogs indoors. Traditionally, we raised dogs always outdoors. They were put outdoors to protect the house from robbers or intruders days and nights. They were just animals that were helpful to people like any other animals like cows, horses, chickens, and pigs. Some people had dog farms like pig farms. 

Third, we didn't eat small dogs like little puppies and pets raised indoors. Actually, we didn't have that kind of dogs. We only had some big dogs like more of wolves.

Well.... Am I a dog meat eater? Personally, I haven't eaten it. I haven't eaten a lot different other kinds of meat. I haven't eaten snake, snail, monkey, horse, bison, crocodile, cat, rabbit, sparrow... etc.
I am not really a meat eater anyway, so I don't know if I ever will taste these stuff.

What I want to say is...
Everyone is different.
We are all from different background.
You can't ever understand someone else's situation because you are not him or her. You don't know exactly where he or she is coming from. 

If you open your eyes wider and try to understand why certain things are happening in certain places, you will not be able to criticize people without any knowledge about their back ground.

But still,,,, 
I wish people don't eat dog................ lol.

OK. OK. I understand people eating dog, but can they not eat????

Gosh, I feel like a hypocrite since I eat chicken, beef, pork, and fish.

Should I become a vegetarian? 

Life is difficult.... 


Hey!!! Americans sell this kind of book, too!!!
Oh, wait...... Is some word hidden under the price tag?
Oh WHARVER! lol.


  1. I have no desire to eat dog but if you are hungry it becomes meat just like anything else.

  2. I'm Korean. but I didn't eat dog. I understand Korean culture.
    it doesn't matter.I agree with you,Lily

  3. Hello Lily, it's a pleasure to meet you. I truly understand what you mean about culture and being educated about the food we eat since this affected us African Americans here too. I use to wonder why black people eat chitterlings(Pig intestines) until I learned through a study that it was a survival technique that slaves used throughout the 1600s when our ancestors were brought here in America from Africa. The slave masters gave them what was left of the pig which were the intestines of the pig and they "The Slaves" had no choice but to eat that if they wanted to live. Unfortunately, this had become apart of a culture factor for black people here. Personally, I wouldn't even eat that stuff, but I understand why they had no choice back in those times. The history here on food, life, and struggle in America for blacks is pretty deep and mind-boggling so I totally understand what you mean.

  4. Anonymous11/1/13 14:18

    i love this post lily. you're right! I think no one has the right to judge other people's dietary preference. How is a dog any different than a cow, sheep, or a pig? Oh wait! I know's the western countries, dogs are seen as "cute", "fluffy" and "man's best friend"...but what about those poor pigs? and those poor cows? I guess they're not CUTE ENOUGH so it's totally fine to kill animals that are not "cute". LOL...the hypocrisy is CRAZY!
    unless you're a vegetarian, no one has the right to make fun of what another person decides to eat. To the people who eat dogs, i say, don't listen to the haters! They're just ignorant. I personally am a vegetarian but i don't believe in forcing my views of what is acceptable to eat or not to eat on other people. It's their bodies..they can eat whatever the hell they want to eat. It's not my BUSINESS, plain and simple! The people who mock Koreans and Chinese for eating dogs are hypocrites. An animal is an animal! Just because you think a dog is "cuter" than a cow or a pig, doesn't mean everyone else has to abide by your cultural standard!