Sunday, January 27, 2013

How we met (8)

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I am extremely sorry for being lazy and not doing my duty.
I know you guys waited for a long time. Please forgive me for being a lazy writer, and I hope that you guys keep showing your support!!!

I love you all!!!

When I opened my eyes, I saw a guy looking at me.

He was looking right at me and smiling.

'Who is that guy? Why is he smiling at me?'

James and I were standing and hugging. This was a very romantic moment.
I avoided his eyes and closed my eyes again.

When I opened my eyes again to see if he was gone, he was still there.
He kept smiling at me and didn't want to leave.

Oh, gosh.... What is wrong with him??!?!?!!!

He gestured that I should hook up with him instead of James!!!!!

That just made me want to laugh so hard!!!!!!!


but, I couldn't.

This was A ROMANTIC MOMENT. lol.

I didn't want to ruin this moment telling James about this random guy who keeps sending signals to me. lol. lol.

I had to hold back laughing.

I shouldn't laugh........

Maybe I should cover my mouth.......

Well.... I wanted to show him (the random dude) that I would not hook up with him. (...but why??? I didn't need to do that. lol.)

I kissed James again.

This time...

It was more fun...

More passionate..

More sweet....

More sensual...

More romantic...

I opened my eyes... and looked at James..
He was looking at me.... 

And... the guy behind James was looking at me, too!!!!!!

Oh my goodness gracious!!!

I signaled him that I am not gonna hook up with him and so he should go away. lol.

And.. James and I were standing cuddling for a long time again...

The loser left.  (lol. Sorry I had to call him a loser.)

James wanted me to stay with him more, but I had to go home.
He walked me to the bus stop...
I told James that I would call him later, and I got on the bus.

When I looked outsides to see James, he was not looking at me to wave byebye. He was just looking down at the ground....... He didn't wave at me. He didn't even look at me.

The bus left.

I couldn't understand him.

What was just THAT?????


He didn't even LOOK at me.

Oh YEAh....

He just wanted to spend a night (more specifically, early morning) with me. 




  1. Anonymous28/1/13 09:34

    Thanks for the update Lily! You kept us intrigued for so long :-)

  2. I love those pictures of kissing couple <3

  3. I've read somewhere that it is a cultural Koreans really like waving and looking at someone leaving them until they can no longer see them...but many Westerners don't do that. I know I usually don't, if I'm with someone who kinda does that then I'll adapt to that thing but I don't expect such a thing and I don't do it on a regular basis.

  4. Anonymous9/2/13 13:08

    very interesting !
    you write very well !

    from France :)

  5. Anonymous5/3/13 20:24

    Soo cute! Waiting for the next one!

  6. Anonymous6/3/13 23:01

    I love your story. I couldn't stop laughing at the image of the guy trying to entice you. WOW. LOL Really love your story.

  7. Anonymous15/3/13 21:23

    wow, you guys should make a book or short movie about how you met.

  8. Anonymous21/3/13 16:11

    aww.. I just read your story and it is so romantic and intriguing. Will there be more?

  9. Love the story, because you write so animated, I could see every thing happening and it was very funny...
    And because I LOVE Asian women...
    I got here by way of your Youtube video on why you like black men.
    Great job!

    1. Anonymous13/4/13 01:44

      I agree Amir great story liiy i am glad you both are doing well.

  10. Great love story i cant wait to continue with what happened here via your Youtube video on why you like black men.was looking up blasian kids .lol my 3 months old is mixed chinese (blackinese ) me and her mom have been together for about 6 years too .

  11. Anonymous13/4/13 18:00

    Just found your blog, didn't have to wait between post 1 and 2, between 2 and 3, etc. LOL. Anyway, it's great to know that you are such a happy and beautiful couple with your cute girl Yuri now!
    I think the comments that James almost messed up his chances with you are not quite justified, because all the time we only hear your side of the story, not his thoughts and feelings during all this, and you were drawing conclusions without asking or really knowing him or the reasons for his actions and behavior... We all do that, I know. It's only human. (When he calls too often he's clingy or obnoxious and when he doesn't call he's not trying or caring hard enough, and oh well, do they ever do it right in our eyes?! ) Anyway, I like your vibrant personality and your funny way of writing, i appreciate your honesty and sense of humor! Thank you and keep it up!

    1. You are 100% right,we are just getting the story from one side.I like your write-ups.

  12. Anonymous30/4/13 07:36

    Wow, I can understand how you felt like coz l am also experiencing the same thing right now!! I have a boy friend from Kenya and I have been hesitated to keep our relationship...But your story gives me a lot of courage. Thanks for sharing your love story. ^^