Sunday, November 18, 2012

How we met (6)

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James kept saying there was "a woman", and she got angry and he couldn't understand why she was angry at him.
I asked him who she was, and James told me he didn't know her, but she got angry at him.

The more he talked, the more I couldn't understand what he was talking about and couldn't trust him.
Then, I thought, 'Maybe he is talking about what he did while he was gone.'

Yes! He was! He was talking about what he was doing when he was gone.

So.. when I combined what he was saying...

1. There was a woman.

2. He just met her before I came.

3. She got angry when she saw me coming with him.

4. She poured the drink from her glass on James.

5. James couldn't understand why she was jealous and angry.

6. He got angry, too!

That was basically what I collected from drunk James.


I was standing in front of him listening to what he had to say and started to wonder why he tried so hard to explain what had happened with some woman to ME. The funny thing was 'for some reason' he was acting like my boyfriend who tried so hard to explain what happened and I was acting like his girlfriend who could not trust him. lol.

Well.. I didn't want to keep talking about things that I could not understand and maybe not really important. (Anyway, I was not his girlfriend. I didn't have any right to find out who the woman was and things like that...) So, I told James to dance together.

We danced... and danced..

He told me I was good at dancing. He smiled at me. He looked into my eyes. I looked into his eyes. For some reason, I was attracted to him. But, he didn't really hold me or touch me.
That made him look innocent at the same time sexy.

I just couldn't understand why I was attracted to him.

He had all the reasons that I should not like him.

1. He met me drunk. (This was our official first hangout!)

2. He ditched me for 2 hours (without telling me!)

3. He was not good at couple dance, which means he was better at dancing himself rather than dancing with me. (Hahahaha. I just put this thing for the heck of it because I thought that there should be at least three

Anyway, I had to admit that I felt attracted to him.

But,,, James didn't try to hold me or grab my waist or give me some little peck on my cheek or forehead or whatever it is. He just didn't do it!

Gosh! Who is this guy??!! Is he interested in me?? How can I find it out?

I looked at him. He looked at me. I went close to him. He grabbed my waist...


Thanks for reading and showing support! The story is almost over, so you will not need to be frustrated by my ending and wait for a while. hahaha. I think I will have one or two more stories, and it will be done. Keep showing support and comment below! Thank you! :)

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  1. Please finish! You have to stop stopping!! :(

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    Really cute story :)

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    This is like that show how I met your mother. haha

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