Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to pick up an asian woman

Among many of my youtube and facebook friends, there are many men who send me messages asking how they can get an asian girlfriend. So, I decided to write this post.

First of all, you need to know that Asian women are not different from other women. They like the men who other women like. 

I want to tell you the specific tips that you need to know, though.

1. Don't feel down with her no reply, no message.

I already wrote this when I was writing my "How we met" story, but this is very important. Asian women are very passive about relationships. They want the men to initiate, wait, and try one more time. If she does not reply your message, that does not mean she is not interested in you or ignoring you. Maybe that is possible, but a lot of times, she is thinking how to respond, or wants to see your reaction. If you try one more time, she will think that you are serious about her. 

2. Don't talk about your past too much.

Asians usually don't talk about their ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends. The past is the past. It is just better not to talk about it. Even though, maybe she asks you, just don't talk about it. Tell her you forgot everything and all you think about is her. She will like that. lol.

If you talk about your ex, she might not like it.

3. Respect her culture.

Compliment her country's food, language, and fashion. Don't make fun of them. If she asks you to try their country's weird food. 

You want some fish eggs and raw fish? lol.

Try even though you don't want to. Just trying will make her think that you are really trying to impress her. She will like that.

4. Take things slowly.

Don't kiss her on the first date, and then sleep with her on the second date. We are not used to those stuff. If you do that, she will think that you are not really serious. We like to take things slowly if we want to have a serious relationship. Holding hands on the first date is totally enough. Kissing might be okay when you both know that you want it, but sleeping might not be a good idea.

5. Try to act shy.

When it comes to physical touch, kissing, hugging, and holding hands, try to act shy. We like shy and innocent boys. The womanwill think that you are not really a playboy that knows a lot about women and such things. Even though you know a lot about it and not shy about it, pretend. It will make her think you are cute. :)

You don't need to sit that far from her, though. lol.


  1. thanks for the advice lily,:) there is this Asian girl i wanna talk to at my community college, but i'm kind of shy, and dont know what to say to her. :(

  2. does this work for white people too, or is it exclusive to black people?

  3. Eric Edwards it should work any race, bruh :-)

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