Friday, November 30, 2012

Our November

Today is the last day of November. Wow!! Already!!!
Yuri has developed quite rapidly. (At least, that is what I felt.)
Unlike, other babies, she hardly moved with her tummy. I was just wondering when she will ever start crawling, but she seemed not starting. 
But, when she turned 8 months. She started to put her buttocks way high up in the air and try to crawl. I guess some babies just skip the moving with a belly part. 
I found it really really cute, so I took some pictures of her doing it.

Yuri is a bit frustrated because she can't crawl.

James helped Yuri to crawl by putting a mouse in front of her so that she would want to grab it.

Yuri had a congested nose in November. So the other day, we went to the hospital.

Daddy, I am scared to be in the hospital.

We had some shopping on Black Friday.

I bought some clothes after a long time. I got some good deals. hehehe. But I don't have any pictures of me wearing them. :(

I am wearing one of the tops that I got in this video.

I was trying to speak some Chinese. lol.
I don't think that you can see it well. So I might take some pictures of the clothes that I got later. :)

Yuri is trying to stand up holding things lately. I need to keep my eye on her all the time. It is a bit exhausting..  but it is okay because I love her. hehehehe.


I love you smile, Yuri.

But, soon enough, she didn't like the earmuff.

I took this picture just before she yanked it from her ears. lol.

26th of November was her 9th month mark. I wanted to put her on the floor and take some pictures of her, but she didn't let me. She wanted to crawl to me and moved so fast that I couldn't get her still picture.

I put her down and backed off a bit so that I could take a picture, but she was always on the way to me already. lol

So, I needed James's help when he came back home.

I am 9 months today! :)

Yay!!! :)

Daddy kissing Yuri.

Yuri kissing Daddy...
So cute. :)

Yuri! Are you kissing Daddy or eating Daddy? lol.

Yuri blowing kisses to you!!! :)

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