Thursday, November 1, 2012

How we met (4)

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We did not talk for a long time after I didn't reply to his invite. I was so busy studying for GRE test and working at the same time. I had no time to think about him. It was one weekend when I finished my GRE test. All of the sudden, I thought about him. I wondered why he didn't call me after that. I felt bad for him. He might have asked me to hang out as friends. I felt like I was just being too serious. I decided to text him.

I said sorry to him for not replying for a long time and asked how he was doing. I got a reply right away. He said he was having brunch and was glad that I texted him. That is how we started talking again. :)

He wanted to meet me so bad this time. He kept asking me if I ever come to Seoul to hang out with my friends or something. (I lived in Gimpo, an hour from Seoul. I worked in Incheon. I hung out mostly in Incheon with my friends, so I hardly went to Seoul.)

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 I told him that I would let him know if I ever go there. One weekend, he called me again. Actually, I was on the way to Seoul. I told him that I would be able to meet him that day after I hung out with my friends. He sounded excited and told me he would look forward to it. After I hung out with my friends, I told him I was coming. He told me to get a cab and come to where he was at. I have never been there, and it was getting late, I got scared a bit. On tope of that, I had no cash on me to pay for the cab. He said he would take care of the fare, but I was reluctant to take a cab and meet him up in the place which I was not familiar with. 
And also, he sounded a bit drunk. lol. He must have drunk a lot waiting for me or something. I felt really uncomfortable going there without any cash on me since I could not find him and get myself in trouble. But, he insisted me coming. So... I decided to take the adventure.

I took a taxi and called him. He told me he was waiting for me. I went to Itaewon to meet him. Wow... Itaewon didn't seem to look Korea to me. There were so many foreigners there. When I got to the point where he told me to come, I told the taxi driver to wait a bit and called him. He came and paid for the fare. We went to the club where he was with his friends, and I met his friends there. The club was very interesting. Believe or not, I had never gone to a club before then. How people were dancing and having fun really fascinated me. It was like, 'What a different world than the world that I am in!' Hahaha. 

Anyway, I danced with James and talked with him and his friends. One of his friends kept asking me if I was dating James. I told him no. I said I was just there to hang out with him as a friend. Then, he started to hit on me a big time. 

While I was talking to one of his friends, James disappeared. He didn't come back for an hour. I started wondering where he went. I asked his friends where James went. They didn't know, either. 
I started looking for him at the club, but he was not there.
Where did he go? Where is he?

Another hour had passed by. I started getting uncomfortable.

Do you wanna know what happened to him???
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  1. WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!???? :(

  2. yes, Lily, what happend to him? i am so curious

    1. I have waited enough. The next one is out! :)

  3. Anonymous2/11/12 13:41

    Ahh, you got me curious!! I can't wait for the next post.

    Well, I'm in my mid 20s and I've never gone to a club too, and I live in the West :)

    1. Hahhaha. You must be some serious person. lol. jk. I was 25 when I went to a club with James for the first time. We are like the same kind. lol.

  4. Yes. What happened? Looking forward to the next instalment.

  5. Anonymous2/11/12 15:56

    Tell us more!

  6. Anonymous3/11/12 10:45

    I am curious now! You should tell us what happened Lily :-))

  7. I keep checking this blog because I'm hooked on this story! Thanks for posting it. My guess is he got sick and that's why he was gone for so long. I'm curious to read the next installment. I'm glad that you are able to find some time to work on this even though you must be super busy with taking care of your baby. Once you have the entire story done, you should think about putting it all together as one piece. Best regards.

    1. Now, it is the time to check one more time! :)

  8. Anonymous7/11/12 18:35

    Write more omg !!

  9. Honestly, it seems like James is doing everything he can to mess things up. How does he recover? We will see.

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