Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yuri and I came to visit Korea!!

Yes! Yuri and I came to Korea.
The trip to Korea was not easy.
We had 2 stopovers and the whole flight time was 18 hours.
I was in the flights holding Yuri on my laps all the time.
Yuri had a hard time sleeping in the flights...
But, we made it. Finally!! We made it to Korea!
We were extremely tired when we met my parents at the airport.
Yuri didn't smile at all after we arrived in Korea, but when she saw my mom and my mom held her, she started to smile. That all surprised me and my mom since she was only with us for Yuri's first 1 and a half months. Even though we talked a lot through a video call and saw each other's face on the screen, my mom was worried a lot that Yuri might forget her and not want to be held by her.
But, Yuri was so happy to see my mom. That made my mom so happy. :)
This is the video that I took when my mom held Yuri for the first time at the airport.
On Sunday, we went to a wedding of my brother in law's sister.
The wedding ceremony reminded me of my wedding.
Looking at people getting married always excites me and makes me think of how beautiful love is.
My mom and dad love Yuri so much! :)


Good things about being in Korea
1. My mom cooks for me.
2. My mom changes diapers for Yuri.
3. I can be with my mom.
Sorry, mom. I just came to Korea to take advantage of you. XD

Bad things about being in Korea that I thought I could get away from but didnt work
1. James is yelling at me to come back.
2. james is calling me a mama's girl.
3. james is calling me mean because I left him alone.
Sorry, babe. Hang in there! XOXO