Thursday, December 6, 2012

How we met (7)

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I could feel that we both were attracted to each other. He looked at me, but then quickly looked away. It was better because I didn't want to let myself kiss him or let him kiss me on the first date. But, I felt that he sort of wanted and I sort of wanted. He just had his hands on my waist and I put my hands on his shoulders. We just danced like that.

It was getting to the time when I had to go home. James, his friends, and I came out of the club. We were in front of KFC. His friends stopped a cab and asked James to hop in with them so that they could go back home. James told them to go first.

And then... we were talking... I don't remember what we were talking about... but we were just talking...

And then... the next thing that I remember was we were kissing.

YEAH! We were KISSING on our FIRST date!

Things had gone bad as possibly it could on our first date. He was drunk. He disappeared for 2 hours without telling me. There was a woman involved when he was gone. He might be a playboy like his friend told me. (He told me Jams was a playboy so I should hook up with him instead of James because he is not.)

But, we were KISSING. More specifically, he kissed me, and I let him kiss me.

I liked it.

I liked it  A LOT.

It was so soft... and nice... and sweet...

I couldn't resist it. I should have not let him kiss me on the first date. I was thinking, ' He might think that I am an easy woman.' This thing never happened with anyone in my whole entire life!

A KISS on a first date??? That is just not okay! That is insane!

But, I did it.

And, I liked it. and I like him..

We were kissing in front of KFC at 5 in the morning when there was almost no one on the street.

After that, we were hugging each other for a long time.

That is when I knew that I could fall in love....

It was really scary....

I don't know him well... He is a foreigner.... He is even BLACK!(My family will not like him.) Gosh...

I was scared... but I was also thrilled.

Lots of different things were in my mind...

But, one thing that I knew for sure was,,,, something was starting between me and him.

I was shy, so I was closing my eyes, but I wanted to see his face.

When I finally opened my eyes and put my head up, I almost jumped off the ground!

There was a guy looking at us.


Do you want to know who that guy is?

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  1. You're dad?
    Parents pop-up at random times. lol

  2. Kristophe7/12/12 19:50

    Cool story, let me guess that guy was a policeman patrolling the streets at 5 am in the morning

  3. That guy was either one of James's friends or some random street cleaner or convenience store worker at 5:00 am? This story is getting very interesting. I realized that at the beginning (first episode), you did not mention how long James had been living in Korea and why he wanted to go there and where he was from. OK, OK, I'll wait for the next installment to find out who the mysterious guy was!

  4. 저는 너무 좋아해요 그리고 더 읽고 싶어요!!!
    이 이야기 너무 너무 재미있어요! 끝나 주세요!!!

  5. Hm...maybe the guy was your neighbour or a co-worker?

    Aww...such a cute story :)

  6. What a story. It seems like everything was driven by pure physical attraction. He provided you with a thrill. Guys take note. If you want a lady, give her a thrill. Don't play by the rules. Guys, like me, who play by the rules, will generally lose out to those who don't. By every indication, this guy should have been left alone in that bar. But he turns out to be your husband. Congrats, but he did nothing to deserve you at least at this point in the story. Give a good girl an opportunity go beyond her boundaries and she will be yours for life. That's how you get a girl, not by respecting those boundaries. Honestly, I thought this was going to be a story of an introverted guy, who would be the perfect albeit shy gentleman, triumphantly winning the girl but it seemed like, even if he has a good heart, a story of a guy acting like a jerk, who still wins the sweet girl. No offense meant but this is not what I was anticipating and frankly I'm a little disappointed. But your story is your story. Happy for you two, because love and is love, but I thought he was more like me and he isn't. I don't even drink and it's unimaginable that I would have "gotten lost" on a date. Simply unimaginable!! Just being honest here. I would have never acted like he did that night. But being the nice guy means you pretty much always finish last.

    1. Sigh. The Nice Guy Syndrome. Don't need to try looking happy for Lily, your bitterness shows. A lot.

    2. I kinda understand where Phoenix came from. I don't drink either, and I think I am a good girl. I admit that our beginning was really from physical attraction. But, that was just a beginning, you know. There must have been many things happening after the beginning until I decided to get married to him.... So.. Yeah. I understand why you are a bit disappointed, but I didn't keep dating him and eventually marry him just out of the physical attraction. Yeah, the physical attraction definitely helped us to start something between us, but that was not all that. :)

  7. I am glad for Lily, but I can see what Phoenix is talking about.

    However, to be fair it seems that James is not the bad guy, more like a shy guy that gets a little more courageous when he is drunk. It's evidenced by his lack of dancing skills, the fact he was shy to talk to her at first, and his willingness to be open about flirtations with other women. Though it would be nice if he avoided the first kiss. And there is nothing wrong with physical attraction as that is the first thing people usually see, though the whole concept of being drunk in a bar does sound messy...

  8. Has the eighth installment here yet? Who's the guy???

  9. 더, 더, 더 주세요. :)

  10. Anonymous25/1/13 06:35

    Can you continue this story, please. Making interested people wait too long, kills the thrill.

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