Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How my Korean parents accepted my black boyfriend

My parents were never conservative people. They were quite open-minded.
Especially, my mom had been to many different countries, so she had met many different people from different cultures.

However, it must have been really hard for my parents to accept James as my boyfriend.

There were many different reasons, but one of them was the language.

My mom always dreamed that she and her son-in-law can be good friends and she can treat him as her son since she doesn't have a son. Being able to communicate with each other was quite important for my mom when it comes to a son-in-law.

My mom knew that I don't date someone I would not think about marrying, so she must have not liked the fact that James couldn't speak good Korean and she couldn't speak good English.

Things were not easy.

I uploaded a video on youtube one day for a video response to a video asking if all asians parents are quite against international relationships. The girl who uploaded the video deleted it after some time, but she was in an interracial relationship and was not accepted as her boyfriend's girlfriend by his parents.
This video started to get views and got popular. I started to get some subscribers.

Things got worse, and I even thought about giving up. However, people started supporting us and rooting for us. 

Well... At the end, my parents accepted James, and we got to get married.

This is the video that I made how I persuade my parents.

I even interviewed my mom and made a video with her.

I hope you enjoy the video! :)

The bottom line is we are all equal and precious.

We are all beloved children of somebody.