Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yuri's update - 8 and a half month year old

She finally started to crawl! She is so cute trying to crawl. She puts her leg so high up in the air. I like watching her crawling towards me.

Hahahhaa. At the end, what she wanted was not me. ;;;;;

Anyway, some of you might know that Yuri likes books.
I was just all excited about her liking books and thinking she might become a genius or something. lol. (That is what all the moms in the world think. Their baby is the smartest. lol.)

Anyway,,, She loves playing with books.

But one day,
This is what happened.

And the problem is she gives me such a cute smile, I can't scold her anymore.
Well.. scolding a baby doesn't even make sense anyway since babies don't know anything that they do..
But, I just enjoyed how she reacted when I confronted her.

I love her so much. Yuri! I love you! :)

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