Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something that you need to remember when you visit other countries

I meet many people who complain a lot about the country they visit or make fun of people in the country. I think, at some point, when I lived in China, I used to complain things that Chinese people do.  On the other hand, James stayed very positive about the countries that he has been in, Korea and China. I think it is really really important to stay positive and try to understand the people or if you can't understand it, then you just admit the way they are. It is just a cultural difference. You can't judge them with your cultural standard. Their cultural standard is different from yours.

Today, I came across some videos that foreigners went physical with older people.

This is the first video that I watched.

When I watched it, I couldn't believe that black man hit the old man. 
You can't do that in Korea. That is just wrong! 
We as Korean respect the elder. Even though what older people say might be wrong, we need to stay respectful to them. It is just better not to talk back. It is better to stay quite and avoid them. That is how we have been taught and raised. When you go to another country, you need to act in the way as the people there act! You can't just act like you are the best and can show them your power saying "Can you see these rock?" Learn their culture first before you go to another country. If you can't tolerate the culture, just don't go there. Seriously, this video bugged me a lot. 

And.. what happened here was.. 
The black guy was talking on the phone and the old man told him to talk quieter. He said something in English, and the old guy couldn't understand him (probably). Then the old man said "why don't YOU come here" (I guess the black guy was mentioning at the man to come fight or something). Now, in Korean, you as (why dont YOU) sounds like nee-ga. The dude, obviously not knowing korean much, probably heard nigga. Then, probably, he got so upset and show that kind of reaction.

This was all from misunderstanding. 

So now what?
You need to know at least a little bit of their language when you go to a foreign country. You can't get mad at somebody who is speaking a different language assuming that he call you the N word.
When you go to a foreign country, act like the local people act and learn the language.

Another one that I watched was this one.

This one made me extremely angry.
That foreign white guy knocked the weak old man down.
Even though the old man might have ticked him off or something, you just don't beat up the weaker person than you. And again!! You don't hit elderly people. It is just against our culture! You are being rebellious! and you are a horrible person! 
Gosh. I wish I was there with James, so that he could beat that white guy up and show him who's the boss. lol. jk.

Anyway,,, Again!!! If you visit another country, study the culture before. I know that people visit my blog are not even close to those crazy ugly guys... but we all need to remember this. It is because we can sometimes complain without knowing their background.

Let's be tolerant visitors!!! :)


  1. Wow. Horrible people. I have such deep respect for the elderly, no matter the country.

  2. what these guys did was absolutely terrible. But wrong is wrong and right is right, regardless of culture. If you follow ways that are wrong or cover up wrong things saying it is "just culture" then you are weak and so much worse then someone who just does wrong out right.

  3. I only watched the first video. It seems like he was physical with the woman as well. That was way across the line. He should have been restrained and if he resisted the guys on the bus should have beat the hell out of him. Again, not for violence but if one gets violent don't complain if it comes back full force on you. Although I am not responsible for this jerk's behavior, and he is NOTHING like me, I am embarrassed as an American to see this guy act that way. He needs to take his ass back to whatever ghetto he came from.

  4. Anonymous12/2/13 18:25

    Yea, When in Rome, do as Romans do

  5. No wonder koreans think non-koreans especially black people are bad....smdh