Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Korean people's Thoughts about Marriage

Today, my husband was looking at one picture and started giggling.

I took a look at it, and I could find some comments like 'So true.' 'Hahaha, that is true.'
13 people shared the picture to other people, so I guess people really thought that this picture reflects some of truth.

This is another fun joke that is popular. Obviously, guys think that marriage is a crazy thing.

Even from many movies, soap operas, and stories, a lot of men are so against marriage in the USA.

However, this thing can be hardly seen and found in Korea.

Korean women are not that excited about marriage.

M brain monitor(Korean survey company) did a survey to 2000 people in Korea.

57.6% said 'Marriage is not the necessary element of Happiness.

While 46.3% of men responded that 'you can be happy without marriage,' 68.9% of women responded that 'you can be happy without marriage.'
More women think that they can be happy without marriage.

The reason why women think like that is in Korea, even though women have a job and work, they are still considered to be the one who are responsible for the house work and chores, which is totally unfair to women.

Even among my friends, many guy friends of mine want to get married and settle down, but many girl friends of mine want to enjoy their single life and postpone her marriage as far as she can. lol.

So... those pictures of American joke didn't make me laugh nor empathize.

This is the link of the article of Korean newpaper. If you can't read Korean, you don't need to bother to click it. lol. I am just saying I didn't make this up. I have a reference. lol.

Now, those pictures made me have some questions. 

Why do American girls love to get married?
Is the US a really heaven for women? (unlike Korea since Korean women have lots of responsibility after they get married.)
Do US women not get stressed as much as Korean women?


  1. i think since feminism(FEMINISM IS BASICALLY THE BELIEF THAT MEN AND WOMEN SHOULD BE TREATED EQUALLY) is more established in America, women TEND TO(not necessarily all women though) have more of a EQUAL relationship with their partners/husbands...e.g. husbands and wives share equal chores and responsibility nwhile in traditional countries like Korea and in Asia(generally speaking), the overwhelming burden of household chores still rests mostly on women....so that probably is a factor in why American born women seem more eager to get hitched than Korean women. I have a friend who's parents are originally from Pakistan and her mother does most of the household chores in their family..but my friend is the opposite. She was born in London but mostly raised in the United States..she wants her future husband to have an equal responsibility in household chores, not like the relationship between her parents. She says she feels bad for her mother sometimes because her dad hardly does any of the chores at home. While her mom has to cook food for all the kids and husband and clean the house, do the laundry, wash and stack the dishes.

  2. As a man, I always wanted to be married and was never a playboy. If one is a playboy there is no reason to get married. But those were not my values. I believed in family values and all should work together for the good of the family.

  3. @Phoenix totally agree with you

  4. Because American cultures focuses more on the individual and not so much on the group, you have a large number of individuals breaking tradition. - Somuchclass