Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Which toy will Yuri choose?

Yuri got a stuffed nose. :( Last night, she kept waking up crying and refused to sleep. Because of that, I was soooooooo tired this morning. I heard that doctors cannot really do much for baby's cold since babies can't take medication(at least strong one?). I don't know if I should take her to the hospital or not, but I am thinking I need to...

Well.. I uploaded this video "Which toy will Yuri choose?" and asked which Yuri will pick between her favorite toys.

James chose the pink iphone case and I chose the wrench (since I got no choice).
The person who picks the toy that Yuri will pick wins the game, and the other will be the loser and need to receive the penalty.
I asked viewers to give us some penalty ideas, and some people contributed some cool ideas.

There were like

"The loser should do the cinnamon challenge!"
"The loser should act like the other person!"
"The loser should act like Yuri the next time."
"The loser should dance gangnam dance!"
"The loser should do 20 push-ups with Yuri on her/his back."

Wow... Pretty tough ones. lol.

Well. Already the result is out. Yuri chose one toy.

So someone is going to do some penalty this saturday.

It is gonna be fun.

If you haven't comment and contribute some ideas yet. Go ahead and do it! The ideas will be considered until this saturday before we record our penalty!

Thanks. :)

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