Saturday, November 17, 2012

Korean Beauty Standard

Today, I am going to write about Korean common beauty standard. I want to state that this is pretty much just common beauty standard. Everyone has different taste, but there is some common features that people think when they are thinking about a beautiful woman.

When Koreans think about a beauty, this is what they think in their head.

1. Small head(face)

Lots of celebrities are famous for their small faces.

Koreans are obsessed with a small face. They even measure how long their face is on TV programs.

People value the ratio of their head to their body.

Korean celebrities show off their small faces by covering their faces with a cd.

Some people have big faces. They even cut their jaw bones so that they can have a smaller face. 

I don't know if you ever seen this, but we have this kind of tool to massage your jaw line so that you can have slimmer jaw line.

2. Big Eyes (Double eyelids)

You need to have big eyes with double eyelids. Sometimes you don't necessarily have to have double eyelids, but you NEED TO have BIG eyes.

Look at her eyes... So big and pretty.

If they don't have big eyes, they get an eyelid surgery.

We are obsessed with big eyes.

3. A slim body

You don't need to have big boobs or buttocks. All you need is a slim body.

No boobs, No ass. Just slim body. Slim legs.

4. Nice fair skin

Koreans associate fair white skin with innocence. If you have darker skin, people think that is more of sexy than innocence. People like to have nice fair skin so there is cosmetics to whiten your skin.

내 소원은 1년 365일 하얀피부
여성들 가을 겨울에도 피부 미백 관리한다.
If you translate this to English, it is
'My wish is white skin 365 days 1 year.
Women get their skin whitened even in fall and winter.'

If you look at this picture again, not only she has smaller face, she has whiter face since she is more beautiful. lol. This is a picture of an advertisement of a plastic surgery.


If you have all these features, come to Korea!!! You will enjoy your popularity. You might be able to get scouted to become a celebrity on Korean TV! 

Again... people have different tastes. Some Korean celebrities are dark or tanned. They are really popular and pretty!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. This sense of beauty is common in other East asian countries (I think). It most certainly is the case in Japan. I hate that double eyelids are so sought after...when I was younger, I used to want to get the double lid surgery. But now I am happy I didn't get it. The single lid is unique to Asians (well, I guess some non-Asians have it too). I don't see why we (as a race) cannot appreciate features that are uniquely Asian. In a way, it is sad.

  2. totally agree with the comment's a BIG SHAME that SOME(NOT ALL) asians have such a low self esteem..they basically want to look caucasian(e.g. smaller oval face and jawline, thinner and higher nose, paler skin)...they want to get rid of their natural korean eyes and natural korean jaw...most asians have a strong almost square jawline..i'm asian descent and i love jawline is strong just like angelina jolie and the beautiful high fashion model LAKSHMI MENON....i love the way i naturally look...and i feel sorry for people who try desperately to look like a different race..let's be honest..most of these type of features that koreans and japanese people admire are found mostly in caucasian people...i don't get why some asians fail to see the beauty in our asian happy with your natural skin color.....i went through a phase where i was made to hate my beautiful bronzed skin tone but now that i'm 25(older and wiser), i LOVE MY natural skin tone...i wouldn't change it for a thing!! those early years, i was brainwashed because other girls around me and the media was influencing me and trying to make me hate my own beautiful skin makes me laugh when i see some asian people(mostly koreans, japanese, and chinese(i'm neither of these 3 ethnicities) wear funny looking visors and carrying umbrella on a beautiful day...i feel embarassed for them that they're chasing a cacausian beauty standard...they will deny that they're pursuing a caucasian beauty standard but let's be honest, THAT IS THE TRUTH....caucasians tend to have smaller jaws, thinner and higher noses, and pale skin. My message to all those asians who are desperately avoiding the sun and measuring their face shapes like lunatics is GET OVER THE SELF look really stupid making your god given small eyes and your god given nose shape and god given modelesque's crazy that korean people don't realize how beautiful a strong jawline is...a lot of the world's top models are known for their strong jawline..e.g. SHALOM HARLOW, MAGDALENA F, LAKSHMI MENON, ISABELI FONTANA.

    1. Anonymous20/9/13 20:59

      you think caucasians have smaller face? haha. I think they have big face, big nose, big mouth, big everything. while asian girls like smaller face, smaller nose, smaller mouth (Chinese people call it "cherry mouth", etc.

    2. Fuck you, I am a natural big double eyelid. eye, small jaw, small and high nose �� plus pale skin asian. It's not a carcausion's only features u dumbass

    3. Well, it's true that most of the koreans have double eyelids and I have them too, just because you don't have them don't think that all asians are naturally mono lid people. I'm Asian, I have pale skin, I have big eyes with double eyelids. Also, you said you like your skin tone, right? Then no one is calling you to come over this article and change yourself but there maybe some people who want to go on the Korean pop or acting industries. Please understand them. They are trying hard and thinking hard about how to get themselves selected at least as a trainee. Support them and their dreams because they come over these articles to know more about the place where,they are thinking,their future would lie. No one is forcing you to change your eyes or skin colour so there's no need for this long hate comment. You should have realized that this article is not for you.

  3. Hi, I am the first anonymous poster. Sorry, I don't have a good account to log in with. I just have to comment, the skin thing is not just about being white, it is an anti-aging thing. Wait another 5-10 years. I used to tan without thinking and now I have lots of sun damage - so now I cover like mad (not as much to the extent of what you describe). At least in Japan they go on and on about how UV can damage your skin. So I truly believe that most are covered to keep young. My boyfriend, who is from West Africa, thinks my constant application of sun block and running into the shade is hilarious.

  4. yes, using sunscreen is important..but you don't know the type of asian women i'm talking about..there's nothing wrong with the sun hitting you for a few minutes..these women are so paranoid about getting dark that they wear gloves that come up to their elbows even when it's hot outside...also, behind closed doors in the company of close friends and family, they openly praise light skin people and say "so beautiful" even though that person might not be beautiful..pale=instantly beautiful in their brainwashed eyes...being of asian descent, i know what i'm talking about..many asian people hate to admit this but come on guys, this is the truth..we have to face our demons!!!i'm all for sun protection but avoiding the sun like it's the devil is too much..doctors recommend 20 minutes of sitting out in the sun during mornings because the rays aren't that dangerous in the morning should avoid sun during it's peak time..but i'm talking about asian women(especially NORTH-EAST ASIANS such as chinese, korean, and japanese) who OBSESS over pale skin! their face wash has lightening agents in it..their moisturizer has lightening properties in it...basically every cosmetic they buy claims to make them lighter's a shame! why not just use sunscreen and avoid the sun in peak hours but don't obsess over it and don't worship/praise light skin people as if they are the best thing to happen to, stop associating "Dark skin" with being "less beautiful"..that is fucked of my cousin's who is the palest in our family got tanned this past summer and her Japanese friend told her " got tanned" cousin was shocked..she was like "what's wrong with getting tanned. we're asians..not white..asians get tanned's natural"...but her japanese friend told her "but you were so much lighter and preetier before"..SMH at the ignorance and white worshipping tendencies..

  5. Never heard the small face one.

  6. does the same criteria applies to men also ???? if yes i would love to visit korea ... i look just like the cute bo (google it if dont know) small face big eyes but white brown color same like bo haha

  7. I have small face/head . I always get teased especially from my sister. They say that my brains are small :(

  8. Anonymous5/6/15 06:59

    The thing about head is silly. Most Koreans have big head (nothing bad ) and it is part of most people features. I actually don't see it until Korean people start to comment about it.

    Shaving jaw bone etc will lead to a world of pain eventually and is silly. These things some Koreans lust after are not common Korean features.

    This is not at issue at all but of people wanting something they don't have.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Anonymous31/7/18 07:36

    Koreans seem to eat all the time and yet the women are so petite -

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