Monday, October 1, 2012

5 Things that I like about USA

As you might know, I have live in 3 different countries so far, Korea, China, and now USA. I would like to talk about the good things about living in the USA.

1. There are so many different sweets!

I love sweets. My husband sometimes literally has to stop me from eating this sweets. I might be addicted to them. Not good.... :( Anyway, I love living here since there are so many different cookies, chocolates, cakes, candies, and they are really cheap compared to Korea or China. Chocolate was just ridiculously expensive in China and they only had one brand, Dove. We have so many different kinds here. I am loving it! lol.

2. Drivers are kind.

I don't know if they are ever so busy enough to go before pedestrians. They never go before us! They always let us pass first and go. I hardly hear any cars honk at other cars here. Maybe, that is happening because I am living in the country. But, still, drivers are nice. 

3. People say hi to each other when they have an eye contact.

Again, it might be only happening in the country, but I like people saying hi to each other and don't look away and have a awkward moment. I went on a walk today with my baby, Yuri. Two girls(around 10) were biking and when they were passing me, they smiled at me at waved at me. That smile just made my day. :)

4. Kids play and have a lot of time to play.

Asian people don't have a lot of children. They usually have one or two, so they expect a lot from their children make them do a lot of stuff such as learning different things. Kids go to different 학원Hakwon( a private academy where kids learn English, Math, Piano, Taekwondo, Dance, Ballet, etc.) and they never have time to play with their friends. Even though you don't go there and play, you will not find any friends on the playground since all your friends go to Hakwons. However, Americans tend to have a bit more children than Asians, and they let their children play more than study. I think kids need to play a lot when they are young. That is what they need to do.

5. Baby stuff is quite cheap.

In Korea, baby stuff is really expensive. My husband bought a stroller for his sister's baby. He paid 400 dollars to buy one. Most of strollers are around 300 to 500 dollars which is just too expensive. Baby clothes are really cheap in the US, so I really like that since I just had a baby.

I think these are the things that I can think of right now. I enjoy being here!

This is the video that I made a bit ago about my misunderstanding about Americans. Enjoy this! :)


  1. Haha. In America, pedestrians have the right-of-way; they go before the driver. It is the law. I've read that in Korea they don't have such law. It would scare me to cross the street. LOL.

    Pretty much as you can tell, America is kinda chill. We care, but we like to live our lives (probably why we're lazy. lol).

    You can buy almost anything here for a good price. I usually buy from Amazon or Ebay. And of course stores like Walmart or Target. I guess since we have a lot more people here, things tend to be more cheaper.

    According to my cousin, he says not a lot of people here in Los Angeles say "hi" to each other. Um, I usually don't say "hi", I'll just smile, and they smile back. People are generally nice. lol

    1. Korea might not have the pedestrian first law, but if there is any accident, and even if it is a big road for cars, drivers are guilty, even though pedestrians are jaywalking. So.. I guess it is kinda like the law in US.

      I was just so amazed, though, by their not being hurried and letting pedestrians go first.

      When I was in China, they never let you go first. Pedestrians are the last. I didn't like it. That really frustrates me...