Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How we met (9)

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After I got home, I waited for his text message.... (even though I told him I would call him.)

For some reason, I wanted to see him wanting me more. (hehehe)

But, well, I decided to text him first. Maybe, I wanted him more. (and I told him I would call him before.  What an excuse.... lol)

He texted me back saying he was thinking about me. hahaha.

Hee Hee.

I guess this is how we met.

Later, I found out the woman that he kept talking about was his girlfriend.

WHAT?!!!!??? OMG!!!

He broke up with her that night. (What a player!!!! )

Well, that was actually quite sweet of him that he wanted to be with me and he had to straighten things up.


To all the readers who enjoyed reading our story,

Thank you for your support, and I will come back with many fun episodes of ours.

It is spring! The season of love. (no reference, that is what I think. lol) LET'S LOVE EACH OTHER! :)


And this is the video that we made talking about how we met. That is a shorter version. :)

And this is the video me asking Jame what was the first thing attracted James about me. :)



  1. Anonymous1/5/13 23:46

    Great Story!

  2. Anonymous23/6/13 03:07

    so you are the one who break up his ex. maybe other girl will act like you and in the end they will kiss and he will dump you

  3. Please delete this losers comment Lilly. :)

    Love you and your family!

  4. Anonymous26/6/13 20:15

    i don't think this is a nice love story, excuse me for being straight forward as i got my point here. at first as i read i notice that guy not even interested in you at all as he never make any move and don't even remember yours name and he just seem don't care then you think he is cute and you make your move without questioning maybe he is married or even have a girlfriend.so you are the third person here darling because he got a girlfriend and you make the move and they break off.
    i have a friend his dad live in another place and the mom live in another place(long distance)and as year pass the dad meet a new girl and he left the family of 3 kid with a single mother. so why the girl don't think or ask before thinking other guy are cute and just date him and destroy other relationship or family.maybe it fun for you to break up other couple and it feel like a winner to get the man of other looser woman is it. maybe u feel proud about it but do you know how the girl feel.
    if you don't want this incident happen to your parent where a third person come along, or ur sister or ur brother or you yourself, don't do it.
    one thing i hope is all the girl should not just get the guy because he is rich or cute or something, or go for it because of feeling. the girl just use her brain and think, use the teaching from her parent or religious to do the right thing to choose the right path where nobody get hurt.
    i pitty your husband ex

  5. @Anonymous, you should know that someone can't steal another grown up adult so if James is with Lily today, it was his choice.

  6. I agree with the person above who said it's not a good story.

    This is a terrible love story.
    1. He didn't remember her name
    2. He was nonchalant when he met her
    3. On their first "date" he was drunk, made her do most of the work to see him and had his then gf there!

    It sounds like he WAS a player (dunno now) and Lily was either stupid or bitchy enough to not care as much as she should have.

    If a guy never remembered my name after asking for my number, I would ditch him right then and there. If my first date was like this and I found out he had a gf that night, he would get a fucking kick to the balls and an elbow to the face for thinking he can pull a fast one on me. No self respecting girl would let a guy do that.

    I hope Safisha and Maddie you understand that he was being a douche and Lily was naive. Even if things weren't good with his then gf and they were breaking up, he could have waited till he had a clean break. If you can't see that, I hope you don't end up with a dropkick for a partner.

    And I hope you, Lily, that your marriage lasts and he doesn't do this shit to you too. And that he made it up to you for what he did that night. The kissing and hugs in the morning does not make up for it. Motherfucker better have given you something good.

  7. I love James' beanie in the first video about how you met ahahaha

  8. Anonymous13/1/14 09:03

    People... Just because this was not a "good" love story doesn't mean that you can just say all these negative things. This is her personal blog and she chose to depict her relationship and how she and her husband got together. Stop being so judgmental.

    I wonder how many of you are experiencing relationships right now. And how happy you are.

    Even if she WAS being naive, you shouldn't look down on her. I would understand if you were speaking out of concern, but you're just being hateful.

    My husband and I have been married for 15 years and we have a similar situation to Lily's. Outside of what Lily told us you can't assume anything about her relationship.

    Things to note:
    1. I didn't remember my husband's name instantly. Not all love stories start with an "our eyes met and I knew". I wasn't even attracted to him. Look at us now!

    2. Lily stated in an earlier post that he seemed standoffish because he was shy. Being quiet and appearing nonchalant is not representative of how much someone cares for you. I was nonchalant with my husband when we were dating. It took me 4 months of being in a relationship before I let my guard down.

    3. You can't really complain about his being drunk when he met her. If he was nervous he would drink. I'm extremely timid in social situations and drinking helps ease the discomfort.

    And also I wholeheartedly agree with Maddie. Someone cannot steal a grown person from another person. Lily didn't even know he had a girlfriend. When I met my husband I didn't know he had a girlfriend. So none of the blame can be put on her in this situation. Yes, maybe she and I were naive but that awkward set of circumstances brought us to our beautiful families in the present.

    Not every person has a picture perfect Disney love story. Events do not always unfold the way they do in "Love, Actually".

    I respect Lily's love story. And I am realistic enough to realize that it is not typical, but it is beautiful in it's own way. You people need to go somewhere and sit down because 6+ years past this "How we met" they are still going strong.

    Thank you, Lily. I love seeing more representation from those in interracial relationships. I am not your ethnicity, but I've had to deal with a lot of judgement from people based on my appearance. (I'm black and white, black identified and my husband is black) People will always have something nasty to say. People have always looked at me and my husband and wondered why this light skinned woman would be with a black man (They assume I'm a light Hispanic person or white person). Stay strong. Your family is what matters.

    People who are look down upon you aren't worth a second thought. Much love from family to yours!

  9. A very beautiful love story. After reading this, it has given me hope as a black guy living in Korea. I know Koreans are not so open to international relationships or marriage but I know there are some who don't care. The big challenge is that they may like you but are afraid of what their families or friends would say, that is why I respect Lily for taking such a bold move. Sometimes I look down on myself thinking that Koreans will only move for the white guys but this is a testimony that I can also get my love here in Korea. I find Asian girls so 귀여워요.

  10. Love is universal it can make you forget what time it is but yu can remember how it all started with butterflies in your stomach. Lily petals have a beautiful married life may God bless you n may James always be the man after your happiness. Amen

  11. Love is universal it can make you forget what time it is but yu can remember how it all started with butterflies in your stomach. Lily petals have a beautiful married life may God bless you n may James always be the man after your happiness. Amen