Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our Life Update (2013 Oct- Nov)

Now, we live in the USA all together. I know James is so happy to have us back. 
In this picture, James is the one driving. I used a mirror version on my camera.

I took a video on the ride.

I love Yuri in this dress! I think it is really cute on her. :)

James is braiding Yuri's hair. He is concentrating!

Check out his braiding Yuri's hair.

Walking home from church. 
So cute.

Just before Yuri's taking a shower. :)

In this video, Yuri understood me saying "Smile" this time. I was quite surprised because I had to say it in Korean all the time because she didn't understand the word "smile" in English.

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  1. Just simple and awesome...
    great video...
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