Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A trip to Bito Island (for Yuri's great grandpa's 80th birthday!)

 My mom, Yuri, and I went to Bito Island in South Korea to celebrate my grandpa(Yuri's great grandpa)'s 80th birthday. We stayed at a nice resort there and enjoyed swimming in the swimming pool.
Yuri's first trial to get in water.

Mom, what are you trying to do to me? I am scared.

I will just sit and not go in.

My aunt was trying to get her in the water, but Yuri wouldn't budge.

So, we all just sat together and watched other people swim.

Just watching other people swim

Her uncle likes Yuri a lot! :)

Hi, Mommy!


I like your smile. :)

 Holding an umbrella

 Yuri, Let's sit here.

Mom, I want to lie down with you.

Give me your umbrella.

Copying what mommy does.

Yuri, let's try to go in one more time.

No, no. I don't want to go in.


I don't want to go in.

Let me go up!

Yuri, it is not that scary. I am next to you.

Hmmmm. Really?

Hmmmm. It is not really scary.

Not that bad.

Hmmmm. Actually, I like it!!!!
But, Yuri... now it is time to go.... :(
We had a big birthday party for my grandpa on Saturday with many guests. (Around 100 people!!!)
On Sunday, we had a good dinner with my grandparents and close family, and Yuri and I danced for him! :)
And, we even got some money from him for the show!! hahahahaha.
And we had to drive back home on Monday.
These are some pictures taken at a resting spot.
Korean rest places on highway are very nice. They have some restaurants and cafeterias and convenient stores. You can get some snack there.
This video was taken at the cafeteria at a resting place. Yuri shakes her bottom to say no. LOL. She is just so funny!!!!!!!

Grandma and Yuri

Let's hold hands.

Hi, Mommy!!!!
They played peekaboo.
And all of a sudden, Yuri found ants on the tree and waved at ants.
Check out the video. so cute!!! :)

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  1. Great pictures...perfect way to cool down in the summer. We also went down to the south coast (Geojedo) and the beach was too refreshing. Yuri is too cute haha.