Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Have I always liked Black men?

Well... Here is the answer. No.

I did not like Black men before I met James. Man... That sounds harsh.

More specifically, I did not care about them. I never met Black people in person especially young black men around my age. I never looked close to black men to see their charms.

I just never knew them. I never had a chance to see their charms. Maybe, I just didn't give myself a chance since I was just not interested in them. Not interested in them didn't mean I didn't like them. I just never had an opportunity to get to know black people. (Let's say I just never met black people in general. Yeah Yeah. I was not cool. lol.)

Anyway, James was the first black person that I got to know and became friends with. After I started dating him, I started to meet his black friends and get to know them more. At first, they did not look that attractive to me. Even James looked just okay to me. lol.

However, I started to see them as people and began to not see their skin color but just their personality and their beauty. That is when I realized that they are extremely attractive!

I started with liking T.I. lol. When I first saw him in Justin Timberlake's Love music video, he looked so cute. I started thinking that Black men are quite cute. lol.
So cute. hehehe.

These are the reasons why I like Black men.

I am not saying I don't like other men and only like black men.

I like all kinds of men, White, Hispanic, Asian, Islanders...  I can tell you why I like them, too.

But, I felt like making this video to help other Asian women that didn't have a chance to get to know Black people or never met them or just have some prejudice about them see that Black men are attractive!


  1. Thanks for sharing. It is great to get to know people for who they are. And even better to find out for ourselves.

  2. Glad you like chocolate.

  3. Anonymous13/3/13 08:24

    you have seriously lowered your standards