Monday, December 31, 2012

Our 2012

We have done so many things this year.

1. We moved to the USA.
James got into a school in the USA. We moved to the USA, our third country after our marriage. People don't stared at us like Asians in Asia. We finally feel like we are normal people. hehehe.

The USA is truly a place where there are various people living.

But, James sometimes says he misses those Asians who stare at him and make him feel like a celebrity. No thanks for me. lol.

2. We added a new member to our family.

Yuri was the best thing ever happened to me. She is a really good baby. She hardly cries. She eats well. She poops well. lol. She is so lovely and cute. I love her so much.

3. We have met so many good people and made new good friends in 2012.

Woods family who let us stay in their basement before we got our own apartment.

Dobsons who tricked us to go hiking with them and go to Table Rock. (We like them a lot.)

Johanna who I loved to talk on the phone with until she moved to a small town where she couldn't have her cellphone reception well so she disconnected her phone.

Trevor who left Secret Santa gifts with us when he left this little town. (Yuri likes him. :) )

Doe couple whose son became a good friend for my baby Yuri.

BJ and his wife, Nora who we met through youtube and we visited this summer. They became our really good friends in the USA.

I think we are really lucky since we met so many good people here.
Even though we don't have any family here in this US, we have always felt like we are accepted here and welcomed...

We will never ever forget them.
We are so grateful for them.
We thank God to bless us with many things that we enjoy...

We hope that 2013 will be as blessed as 2012.

We actually are planning to have a big change in 2013. I hope that things will all work out well next year. I pray that...


  1. Happy New Year, and God bless you too!

    1. Thanks, Robin. Happy New Year to you, too!!!

  2. Even as a Korean American I really enjoy your blog.
    My wish is to hear more of the How we met stories! You left on such a cliffhanger!
    I hope all goes well in the year of 2013!

    1. Awwwww!!! Sorry for the late reply! You so sweet!!! Thank you and I hope you stay blessed in the year of 2013!! :)

  3. You are so blessed!!!!

    1. Thank you! I do think so, too! I should be always grateful! :)