Friday, April 19, 2013

Cherry Blossom Festival - Suwon, South Korea

South Koreans love flower festivals. The most popular festival in South Korea is cherry blossom festival. Our family decded to go to Suwon Cherry Blossom Festival which is held from Apr 19 to Apr 21.

Check out the video of the festival!

Yuri was really fascinated by flowers.

She loved walking by herself and kept looking at people walking by her.

The temperature dropped a bit this weekend, so it was not that warm..

Baby duckling and mommy duck following the baby.

Yuri's grandma loved taking pictures of Yuri. :)

 As it got darker, she got tired. We put her in a stroller.

That snack is really big!!!!

 Yuri looking at birds.

After walking some time, we went to a Chinese restaurant and ate some hand-made noodles!!!

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  1. Ahh~ oh my gosh your Yuri is just the most adorable little baby! She reminds me so much of when I was little, haha ^_^

    I'm a blasian too and here's my baby picture:

    There's some (a little) similarity as you can see, but I couldn't even compare to Yuri because she's the absolute cutest!