Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Korean Traditional Wedding

I had always dreamed about having a Korean Traditional Wedding. Now, most Koreans do western style wedding. I wanted something different and something unforgettable. I wanted to go really Korean. :) When I asked for my parents' opinion, they agreed and thought that they would be a good idea.

James and I spent quite a lot of money on making our hanbok for the wedding. I felt like spending that much on hanbok and wear only one or two times will be wasting too much. But,,, oh well. We have only one wedding, right? lol.  So, we got our own hanbok. We took rehearsal wedding pictures with hanbok on.

My grandma's sister made them for us. I really like the hanbok. :)

So... We were ready with nice hanbok, and I made a reservation for the wedding ceremony in Yongin Traditional Folk village.

This is a very famous Korean Folk Village.

We invited people around us, and James's mom even came to see our wedding.

The wedding day arrived.
Oh, no.... Oh, God... Why are you doing this to us....?

Our wedding was supposed to take place outdoors, and it was raining in the morning when I woke up.

This gotta be kidding....
I went to a beauty shop to do my make-up. Oh my goodness.... Still raining...

Felt like crying...

Well... Let's go to the folk village anyway....

James and I were holding hands and looking at each other with worries...

I told James.... "Honey... Let's pray that this will stop..."
He agreed and we said a prayer.

After we finished our prayer, we arrived in the village.
And... believe or not, the rain started to thin out.

I could not believe it! The sun was starting to shine and coming out of clouds.

But, when we got there, they said we  can't do the wedding outdoors anyway since the ground is wet.... :((

So, we had to do the ceremony on the floor of a house. (People could still see us from outside since the house is open to public.)

The sad part about our wedding was because of the weather, a lot of people got stuck in traffic and didn't make it on time. (Rain makes traffic crazily heavy.)
And, even James' mom didn't make it on time, so she couldn't see our wedding... :((((((

But,, well... my parents were there with us and lots of James' friends arrived on time, so it was all good. :)

These are the pictures of our wedding.

This was James changing to the wedding Hanbok.

Waiting for his bride. :)

Looking nice, Babe. :)

The guy in the middle is the one who conducts the wedding.
He tells us what to us and leads the wedding.

In the left, there are my mom and dad. :)

James comes first and waits for the bride.

I com next. I am supposed to cover my whole face. The groom is not supposed to see the bride's face until they have the first night in their room. 
In Korea, we got married to a person our parents decide, and we never knew the partner before the wedding. The marriage is decided between your parents and his/her parents.

Many people had to see our wedding like that.

After the wedding, the groom get on a donkey and the bride get in  a carriage, and they go to the groom's house.

Four men carry the carriage.

They play music and let people in town know that someone got married. People come out and see them and dance with them and stuff.

Now, the wedding is done. It's the photo time!

Thanks for everyone for coming to our wedding and my family and James' family.
We love you all.

James's mom came late after our wedding. She gave us good words of advice. 
We lost the pictures that we took with her. The hard disk that I had had the pictures and the disk broke, so I lost many pictures in it. :((((


  1. Maybe take the hard disk, if you still have it, to an expert and maybe they can recover the pictures for you. The wedding was very nice. Continued success.


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