Monday, December 2, 2013

I am pregnant with my baby #2!

I am 5 weeks and one day pregnant today. I am extremely excited about this. I want to have many children. (At least, that is what I feel right now. Hehe.) I felt like I had to get pregnant quickly so that I cannot be too old when I have my last baby. Anyway, before I went to Korea (this year March), I felt like pregnant for two months consecutively. And then, I felt like pregnant again right after I came back to the US (October). But the pregnancy kits were showing only one line. So, when I told my husband I felt like I was pregnant this month, he was like "I don't know, are you sure?" I had to wait a bit to buy the pregnancy tester since my husband told me he doesn't want to waste his money on the kit all the time. ( We wasted 3 kits so far.)

When I tested it, I couldn't see the line next to the letter "T" right away, but it gradually started to show. Then, my heart started to beat so fast. The line was not really distinct, but definitely I was pregnant!!!!

I told my husband James that I was pregnant, and he looked at the tester and, at first,  he said the line was not really distinct. Anyway, we both were very happy and James carried me and sang with joy!! :)

I made a video of myself talking about my symptoms and the dream that my mom had when I conceived. And, I am showing my belly!!! (Twice!! First, when I am by myself, and then, when Yuri was with me.)

Check the video out, and Please rejoice with us!!! :)

I was 4 Weeks and 5 Days pregnant when I made this video.

4Weeks and 5 Days belly shot


  1. Anonymous2/12/13 20:16

    Congrats Lily (^^,) To you, James and Yuri. She'll be a cute big sister, teaching her sibling to dance and to smile so gwiyomi :))

  2. Congratulations to you and James! Pregnancy tests could be wrong (usually when taken so early), so it’s still best to consult with your Ob/Gyn to confirm the symptoms. By the way, do you know the baby’s gender yet? Keep us posted with your pregnancy update! =) Elli @

    1. Thank you so much for your advice! I have been uploading pregnancy update videos on youtube, so please check them out! :) I might need to write my update on my blog as well soon! :)

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