Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cheetos in Korea vs. Cheetos in USA

Cheetos! I like this snack.

However!! When I came to the USA and bought and ate Cheetos, I was quite disappointed. It was too salty!!! WHY are all the US snack so so so SALTY??

But, now I think I got used to the saltiness of Cheetos of USA, so I can sometimes eat it and actually quite enjoy it.

1. USA Cheetos

My favorite one is  Cheetos Puffs. It is quite soft, and it is not that salty as other kinds.

There are several kinds.

Jalapeno! Sounds hot!

A basic one, I guess. 

Twisted one. I have never seen this before.

It looks too red. I don't like snacks with too much artifical colors.

It looks like a limited version. I have never seen it.

I bought this yesterday, and I am writing this post eating this. The red bag.

I have never seen this before, either. I wonder how giant the balls are. lol.

I have never seen it.

XXTRA Flaming hot? I don't want it. 

How come I have never seen this Asterolds version? Do they sell now?

Let's check out Korean Cheetos.

2. Korean Cheetos

The main two popular Cheetos are these two kinds.

 The red bag is Barbecue Flavor, and the black bag is hot Flavor. I like both, and hot flavor is not that hot, just to let you know. :) They are not salty like American ones.

I think this kind is fairly new because I have never had it. It is Grilled Onions flavor.

This seems very new, too. I have never had it. It is Sweet Chili flavor. 

There are Mini Cheetos. It is a small amount, and the purple bag is Hot Sauce Flavor, and blue bag is Bulgogi Flavor.
Hot Sauce Flavor

Bulgogi Flavor

If I have to choose one over the other, I will choose Korean Cheetos. They are less salty and yummy! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you!


  1. i totally agreeee! i had sweet chili kind. and it was amazing, i'll never eat american cheetos again!

  2. i totally agreeee! i had sweet chili kind. and it was amazing, i'll never eat american cheetos again!

  3. This is so interesting. Today I tried three flavors of Korean Cheetos for the first time--BBQ, cheese, and spicy. They were all SO SWEET! They tasted like crunchy cake to my American palette. The BBQ just tasted like sugar and bitter smoke. The cheese had no "cheesiness" and the spicy was okay, but no real heat.

    It's funny how our tastes can be so different, even though I have made kimchi and just bought another tub of gochujang!

  4. I have never seen Hot Cheetos and Takis before but Korean Cheetos was mine, though!

  5. I love most Korean food, but for cheetos, they're so sweet, and the spicy isn't spicy at all.
    I like the Mexican extra hot ones. I want my chips to be as spicy as possible.