Monday, October 7, 2013

Jeju Island Trip 1 (Hyupjae Beach) - Places to visit in Jeju Island

It's been a month since I went to Jeju Island for a family trip with my mom and my baby Yuri. I have many pictures and I want to post them on my blog so that I can remember the trip forever and people who are interested in going to Jeju can find this helpful.

We went to Jeju Island with a Korean Airline plane. Their plane is very clean and big, and I used my mileage to go there, so the ticket was free! 

My mom was going on a business trip there, and I decided to tag along since I had never been to Jeju Island, which is known to be the prettiest Island in Korea. Many Koreans go to Jeju for their honeymoon.

We got ready for the trip, and we took off!

Us on the plane!

The guy behind us is a business partner of my mom. :)

Yuri cannot really make V sign, and whenever we tell her to do so, she does that instead. :)

Yuri is like, maybe this?

This is the place where we stayed for the first night. They offered us free breakfast. It was not that fancy, but it was ok.

Hello, Grandma! :)

She had a great time with him.

How they played was so cute!

Look at this beach!!!! So beautiful!!! I have never seen a beach like this. It was really clean, clear, and really shallow. It was a beginning of September, but the water was extremely warm.

Yuri got a bit scared.

She actually fell down and drank some sea water and then she got more scared, and she didn't want to even stand. 

On many Korean dramas, they write their names on the sand, so I decided to write our names on the sand. :)

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