Monday, October 7, 2013

Jeju Island Trip 3 (Dragon Head Rock, U-do) - Places to visit in Jeju Island, South Korea

The next day,  we decided to go to U-do which is a very pretty small island right next to Jeju Island. You need to get on a big boat to go there.

On the way to the port to go to U-do, we stopped by Dragon Head Rock.

Does it look like a dragon head?

Dol-harubang is a symbol of Jeju Island.


We were almost near the port, but we saw one guy with two horses, and we had to rid the horse before we went to U-do. It was extremely beautiful right next to Sungsan Sunrise Peak.

The flat peak behind us is famous Sunrise peak. People go there to see the sun rise.

We will never forget this moment.

We got on a boat and went to U-do. Your car can get on a boat, too. You just drive to the boat and then when you get to U-do, you just drive out of the boat!

U-do!!!! Look at the beach and the sky!

Just amazing!!!

Yuri imitating Mommy!



We had lunch right next to the beach.

Grandma and Yuri love each other so much!

We went to U-do peak.

The place was just breath-taking.
Really Be-autiful!!!!!

We went to a smaller island called Biyangdo right next to U-do. It is connected by a bridge, so we could just drive there.

A cute little beach at Biyangdo.

There was a chair called Sunrise Wish Achievement Chair, so we sat there and put some little pebbles on top of the chair. (Korean people pile pebbles on a sacred place when they make wishes.) Look at Yuri praying!

We came back to U-do and met another beach.

Sea-woman Statue.

Touching Mermaid's breast. ;)

We came back to Jeju-Island and went to Black Sand beach at night. Obviously, it was hard to tell if the sand was black or not. :)

It was a short trip, but my mom, Yuri, and I all had a very good time together. We will never be able to forget these precious moments. I love my mom and my baby so much! (Of course, I love my dad! I am sorry that he could be with us. I hope he gets well so that we all can travel again!)

I love my country!!!


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