Monday, October 7, 2013

Jeju Island Trip 2 (Botanic Garden, Kwokji Beach) - Places to visit in Jeju Island

After playing with water on Hyupjae Beach, we went to a botanic garden right next to the beach. There were lots of tropical trees and 2 caves. Many pictures were taken by my mom's camera, and I need to get them from her soon, but I will post pictures that I have right now.

Yuri, smile!!! :)

There you go. :)

Oranges when it is not riped

At first, Yuri walked without a stroller.

Yuri will dance wherever there is music. :)

Taking a rest after walking a bit

I like this flower, Salvia.

When we put them in strollers, they became so sleepy and fell asleep right away.

They are like, "What are you guys doing? We are sleepy."

Sleeping Yuri

Both babies are sleeping. lol.

Water garden

Oh, Yuri woke up!

I am cranky.

After the garden, we went to Kwokji Beach. No one was swimming and it was starting to get dark, so we just looked around and walked on the beach. It was a beautiful beach, but Hyupjae beach was much nicer. :) Check out our Hyupjae beach post!

That night, we went to a restaurant to eat very famous Jeju Black Pig pork barbecue. It was extremely nice and yummy!!!!

Yuri is active everywhere! Some random men at the restaurant gave her candies because Yuri was so cute!

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