Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trick Art Museum in Insadong

My sister came to visit us from China, and we decided to do something together. My sister found some fun place called Alive Museum in Insadong. We went there today, and we had a lot of fun there.

There was a place where they sold cookie cane with ice cream, and there were so many people trying to buy it. So, we took pictures in front of it. And, we bought one and ate it. It was really nice. :)

We arrived at the art gallery. It is called "ALIVE MUSEUM INSADONG."


Yes, I can do splits!
Yuri can do splits, too! :) Her legs are really long. haha.

 I am protecting my baby.

My angel... Yuri.

I am a puppet.
We are sailing on a paper boat.

Give it to me!


Beautiful stairs.

My mom is so small.

(Whispering to a Polar bear)




I am the champion!

Let me try this wine. :)

The art gallery was a lot of fun.
Insadong has a very pretty mall called Samzigil. It was really pretty and so crowded.

 My angel, Yuri.
A picture with (Yuri's) Grandma!
This place is a very famous LOVE WALL in Insadong, which is in the Samzigil mall.

If you ever want to visit Seoul, South Korea, you should definitely visit Insadong. It has many antique shops and art galleries. It has many traditional shops and places. You should definitely visit the place! :)


  1. was she your real sister ? how many siblings you have ?

    1. Yuri is my baby. My sister is not in any of these pictures. and I only have one sister.

  2. Anonymous29/8/14 01:19

    may i know how much fees to enter the museum? thanks

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