Thursday, October 11, 2012

How we met (2)

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So... there were some comments that motivated me to keep writing, so I am back! lol. Thanks for your comments by the way. I love you. <3 nbsp="nbsp">

James was a pretty much silent guy at work. A lot of students liked him and told me that he was a really fun guy, but I could not find that out since he was just not talking to the teachers. He finished his a-week-long substitute job and left. I never really had a chance to talk to him, so I didn't bother to get to know him. He was just a sub teacher at my work. That was all.

Around a week later, one teacher called in sick for like a week(This teacher became a pain in our principle's butt). So, James came back the next day and worked for a week again. We just said hi and how are you, but nothing much was going on. But, the last day of James, we met in front of the elevator. James was going home, and I was going down to grab some snack(When you are teaching, you get hungry easily. lol). It was the most awkward moment ever. Again, after we said hi, no one talked. (James was just really not a talker.) I got in an elevator, and still there was a dead silence. ^^;;;
That was me who could not stand the silence and decided to break it.

So awkward..

I asked him some questions about him, and he answered. While we were doing that, we were on the first floor. phewwww. When we got out of the building, it was starting to rain. I wanted to get an umbrella and asked James if he needs one since I had two extra. (That means I had 3 umbrellas. lol. Don't ask me why I had so many. I don't know. hahaha.)

He was a bit hesitant, but he said okay. (Later, I found out he is never an umbrella person. He never liked carrying an umbrella even in rain. Sometimes, when the rain stopped and he did not need the umbrella, he would throw it away.) So, I had to quickly go upstairs to get two umbrellas for us and came down. When I handed an umbrella to him, he asked for my phone number. Yep. That is how it all started. lol.

He went home, and I got some snack and came back to work.

I think around 15 minutes had passed. My cell phone rang. I picked up. That was James. I smiled.

He told me he could not remember my name and asked what my name was.


I could not believe that he did not even remember my name.

GOSH... That moment, I took his name off my list.

That totally turned me off.


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  1. I totally understand how u feel when he called just to asked what your name was :). pls continue with the story!

  2. Like me, he probably don't want to say to people sometimes. I'm normally quiet, but I have friends who talk a lot, so it's not a problem. :)

    Please continue!!!

  3. Good stuff. Continue

  4. I am so horrible with names. I am glad you forgave him. This story keeps getting better and better. My wife and I are reading them together.

  5. I would love to keep reading your story! You are great Lily!

  6. I kinda understand where he comes from...when you mentioned that he forgot your name. Your name is Korean and his ears are just not used to Korean names, especially if you said yours too fast for him. When I was being friendly with 2 Thai young women and asked them what their names were, I didn't fully get them and just couldn't remember them. They said their names fast and didn't repeat.
    When I hear a name that sounds typical from my country, I remember it instantly most of the time.

    Cute story! :)

    1. Wait, your first name is really Lily? My bad!!

    2. Hehehehe. YEp. That was why he was a BAAAAAD guy!!! lol. Thanks for reading our story. :)

  7. I like this blog. Thanks for joining our Group.

  8. Speaking from personal experience, a guy can be unsure of a girl's name even if he likes her a lot. I mean a man can be so nervous not to even hear when she tells him her name the first time. Or even he heard right but maybe is not 100% sure and so he asks you again rather than suffer the embarrassment of calling you by the WRONG name. I have for instance mispronounced names so ladies should not be too hard on a man if this happens. Seriously, one can be so nervous and searching for things to say in his mind as to not even hear when she tells him her name! This could have been a disaster but luckily he survived. Yes, I understand your name is not difficult but it still can happen.

  9. I enjoy every part of the story

  10. Anonymous26/6/13 19:34

    he forgot your name maybe because he is dating another person do you ask properly