Friday, August 2, 2013

Water-scent Botanic Garden in Osan in South Korea

Yuri and I went to Water scent botanic garden in Osan with my parents. (It has been a while since we went there( June 8th), but now I am posting this. Sorry..^^;; )
When we first got there, Yuri was sleeping.

Taking pictures with Grandma

With Mommy


Yuri loving walking on the bridge

Yuri, come here to take pictures together!

Come to mommy!





With Grandma

With Grandpa

A Turtle

A Peacock

A Woodpecker

Oh, Yuri!!!

Look at the camera!

It is really hard to get a toddler to look at a camera.

Yuri, look at the turtle!


With Grandma

Oh! Hi, Yuri!

I love my watermelon!


It was a really fun outing, and we enjoyed the garden. If you visit South Korea, you might want to visit this Water-scent Botanic Garden(Mulhyanggi Sumokwon 물향기 수목원, 오산).
This is our video at the garden.



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    good story with beautiful pics xoxo

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    you owesome!!!

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    where exactly is the husband