Friday, August 2, 2013

One year old Yuri likes.......

Yuri loves taking pictures with Mom.

Yuri loves dancing and is very good at it!

Yuri is very friendly! She says hi and waves to strangers.

She has some cool style!

She loves peek-a-boo!

She loves flowers!

She likes carrying her purse.

She likes sunglasses.

She is good at bowing.

She is very polite. :)

She loves bath time!

She like piano!
She knows how to pose for the camera!

Yuri and mommy like to match things! Flowery clothes and headband and sunglasses.

Yuri loves watermelon.

Yuri's fashion is just wonderful!

Yuri does Guiyomi.
What is guiyomi? Check out this video.

She does the best 'Aegyo.'
What is Aegyo? That is a Korean word for 'acting cute.'
She is very good at imitating.

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  1. Anonymous3/9/13 18:17

    You're an awesome mom! She will adore you when she's older.