Saturday, May 17, 2014

Yellowstone Bear World - Near Rexburg, Idaho

We went to Yellowstone Bear World today. There were bears, bisons, elks, deer, mountain goats, and many other animals.

The zoo is like a small national park. You drive through and see animals lying, walking, swimming, and eating.


Mommy and Baby's matching clothes :)

Looking at bear cubs

Yuri was looking at a duck and then, a deer came close to Yuri and she got scared.

Yuri looking at a swan

Look at the peacock!!! So beautiful! :)

There were some rides for kids and we got to ride them. They were fun!!! :)

Riding a train

Riding a bumpy car (They were flying.)

James enjoyed it more than Yuri.

Yuri didn't want to leave the place, so we rode a train again. :)

Hi, daddy! :)