Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Central park in Dongtan, South Korea

Last Saturday, Yuri, her grandma, and I went to Central Park in Dongtan. It is a big park, and there were many people walking, playing, and resting.

Yuri loved walking outside under the sun.

She wore a nice pink dress and a hat that her grandma bought for her.

Yuri found grass and flowers very fascinated.

Yuri looking at people at the park.

Yuri : Mom, that tree is really pretty!

What is this on the ground?

What is this? 
Yuri, those are flower petals.

Me taking a picture of myself.

What are the flowers? So pretty!

I think Yuri looks a bit prettier to me. :)


Hi! I like your ride.

I don't like to sit here. I want to walk!!!!

Let me get out!!!

Yay!!!! I am out!!!!

Mom, please never ever put me on the stroller.


Boy: Hi!!

Yuri: Who are you?

Yuri : Hmmm. You look younger than me. How old are you?

Boy: I am 12 months.

Yuri: Hey, you are too young for me. I have just turned 14 months.

Yuri: I don't like younger boys.

Boy : Please give me a chance.

Boy : I really like you!!!
Yuri : I am sorry.

Yuri : Boys know I am pretty. 

Yuri : Hahahahaha.


Was I too harsh on him???

Welll.. But Life is harsh. He needs to know.

It was getting colder, so Yuri put on a cardigan.

She loved this bridge.

We came into a mall right next to the park.

Is it pretty?

No.. maybe not.

I can see myself reflected on the window.

Wow, this place is really fun!!!!

Mommy is looking at shoes.

Hmmmm.. the pink shoes are nice.

Mom, hurry up. I am getting tired.

Okay, maybe I can sit here and rest here.

This man was dosing off on the chair, so Yuri touched him and woke him up. lol. 

The outing was really fun!!!!


  1. It was a very nice outing! I felt like I was there. :D

    Those Yuri comments with the cute little boy made me laugh so hard!

    I can imagine your mother running around with that camera. I know she was having fun. She takes very good photos. Tell her "Thank you for your hard work. Toddlers are hard work." :)

    -Robin J

    1. I will definitely tell my mom that. :) Thank you for your sweet message and I am glad that you like the photos! :)