Tuesday, October 2, 2012

7 month-old baby Yuri update

Yuri is 7 months old. Unlike many other babies around this time, she hasn't crawled yet. I don't mind she develops a bit slowly. She eats solids now twice a day. She loves them and enjoys eating them.
Here are some her recent pictures and videos. Enjoy them! :)

2ne1 style ;) (Especially Sandara Park Style)

My sister got her some clothes for her, and I dressed her with one of them. She looked like a boy with it, so I had to put pink sunglasses to make her look a bit more like a girl. People still ask us whether she is a boy or a girl even though we dress her up with pink since she has no hair. :)

I think she is starting to understand what I am saying. (I guess. hehe) When I say 'high five!' she puts her hand high up to do it. So darling. hehehe

She is a bit being fussy in this video. She was tired since it was her nap time. She has been hating her tummy time mostly. However, today she looked not minding being on her belly. I wanted to record her not being fussy on her tummy, but I failed because she was tired. So, I want to believe that she was not fussy because of the tummy time but her tiredness. :)

I say 까꿍(KaKoong) to her. It is the same thing as Peekaboo.


  1. she is so cute, very alert of what you are saying. do you speak to her in korea or other language? I have two children from the previous marriage but they don't even know how to speak Chinese, i'm so ashamed of myself. I felt so bad.

  2. Thanks a lot! I speak to her in Korean except for the time when James is around us and I want him to understand what I am talking about, then I speak English. I also speak English some to some when I am making videos since most viewers of my youtube videos are English speakers. :) It's never late! I want Yuri to learn Chinese too!!!

    1. Ooops. Not some to some. Time to time*