Monday, March 1, 2010

Tomorrow! Actually Today! cuz it's already passed midnight.

I am off to Beijing China tomorrow..
I don't know what will happen in front of me and what I will experience there.
I am really excited and at the same time kinda nervous because now I have to be on my own (I have been such a baby living next to my mom. hehe) even though I will be with my husband. But he is not my mom!! lol
My mom has been my mentor and supporter all the time next to me. And I can't imagine a life without her. But maybe it's about time now to be really indepedent!! haha
I don't know if I can use this site from China. But I will do anything to access it. (Even if I have to go to a Cyber Cafe or.. need to use a certain program to change my IP address, which will cost me some good money.)

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