Thursday, February 25, 2010

Made my blog today

I never really had any blog so far. But I thought, if I ever start, I think I can make more friends and share my story more with other people and encourage more people other than my Youtube videos..
Hope this can really work out well and help the world a better place. :)


  1. Good luck, and thank you for being the kind of person who soldiers on in the face of irrational hatred and prejudice. Your Youtube videos are an inspiration. Good luck to you and your husband in the coming years.

  2. Thank you so much. :) I am heading to China tomorrow finally! I am so excited.

  3. Hello.
    This is Grace who used to work with James in Sungsuk Kindergarten some years ago.
    You and I have met once in the reception of a teacher's wedding. By the way I just wondered how you guys were. Because You guys were in my dream this morning. Let me tell you about the whole dream. You guys stayed in my parents's kitchen for about 2 months. You guys had nowhere to stay as you guys were broke. Luckly through me, Sungsuk offered James a job which was the replacement of a teacher who was leaving sooon. So James was excited as he had no job. And When you guys were leaving from my parents's house, my parents charged you guys about 800 dollars... because you guys had told that you guys were only going to stay for 5 days. But you guys stayed for 2 months.
    This is the end of my dream. Say hello to James for me. Good luck!

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