Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yuri at a Toy Store (Toys "R" us) on New Year's eve


(Yuri is 22 months old, now! )

Our 2013 was a good year. Lily and Yuri were able to go back to Korea and stay there some time so that they could spend time with Yuri's grand parents. They love her so much!!!! Even though James didn't like the time when we (Lily and Yuri) were away, we stayed strong and stayed connected and our love grew more. On New year's eve, we decided to go to ToysRus for Yuri. James went to his friend's house and his kids had so many toys and that made James want to buy some cool toys for Yuri. (Even though I don't really think that lots of toys are necessary for kids, Yuri kinda has very few toys, so we went there to check it out. Besides, we never went to any toy stores, so we were excited.) 

When Yuri went in the store, she started to be amazed by lots of toys around her. :)

She definitely liked Hello Kitty. 

Look at this Hello Kitty!!!

Yuri: (Mommy, I think Hello Kitty is really cute!)
Mom: I think you are cuter, Yuri. :)

Yuri kept touching this and that....

And then, we found something which interested her the most!!!!

She wanted to push the cart like her daddy! :)

She pushed the cart all around the toy store. (We didn't buy this cart because once we buy it and take it home and if no one is pushing a cart, she wouldn't play with it either. She just loves copying us.)

One thing I have notice in the US, lots of kids love playing with baby dolls. There are so many baby doll items there, Yuri was fascinated by all those babies.

This Black baby is the cutest!!!! :)

We were kinda looking for Pororo dolls to be there (Pororo is Yuri's favorite!!!!), but there were none. We bought a drawing pad for Yuri and had to say goodbye to the toy store. (James kept telling me how he wants to buy lots of toys for Yuri once he graduates from school and gets a job! I thought coming to this store was a good inspiration for him. :) )

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! :)

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