Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yuri's first lesson at a cultural center

In Korea, there are lots of cultural centers where you can take lessons. I never thought that I wanted to take any classes with Yuri who is still very young, but Yuri's grandma (my mom who loves Yuri dearly) told me she wanted to take a class with Yuri. However, grandma was busy today and today was the first day of the class, so I went to the class with Yuri.

Taking pictures with my baby Yuri :)

When we went to the class, there are moms with their babies. The babies were from 12 months to 19months. The teacher looked very professional, and she taught us songs and dance. 

A video clip from the class :)

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  1. Hi Lilylee I read and watch you videos and I think your baby is so beautiful! I was wondering what you use to take care of your daughters hair? If you don't mind me asking