Wednesday, November 14, 2012

4 Good things and 4 Bad things about International Marriage

Do you want to have an international relationship and marry? These are the things that you should know before you get yourself into it.
Good things:

1. Children can acquire the both parents' cultures and languages.

They can learn both cultures and get to have wider understanding of other cultures.
They can learn at least two languages without any lessons. Being bilingual or multilingual is a great asset, and it will give some good chance for someone to get a job.

2. If you want, you can live abroad.

Living in a different country rather than your own country can be a fun, exotic experience. You will encounter fun surprises in a daily life basis.

3. People love mixed babies!

Yuri: a week old

People are always very interested in how our babies will turn out to be. They are quite fascinated by the exoticness of the mixed babies. Wherever you go, people will turn their head to get one more glimpse of your babies. That makes you proud.

4. You get to travel to many other countries.

It is like the whole world is in your hand. You go to many different places.

All the international couples that I know including me travel a lot to visit their family and in-law's family, but they don't just visit their country and comeback. They travel around the country and neighboring countries. It is quite exciting and fun.

Bad things:

1. Cultural difference and language barrier can be frustrating.

My society is very family oriented. His or her society is very individual oriented. My action might raise his/her eyebrows, or his/her action might hurt my feeling even though it is totally okay with his/her people in his/her country. If you are not quite good at your spouse's language or need to use the third language to communicate, you might have many misunderstandings.

2. At least one person has to live away from their own country, family, and friends.

This can be really hard on some people. You need to live in a different country without your own family and friends. It might be quite stressful.

3. We can't talk about the old songs and singers. 

I don't understand....

Sometimes, I sing a fun Korean children song in front of my husband, but he is like,,,, "What kind of song is that?" That is not fun. He is supposed to sing with me and laugh! Oh well...

4. One of the couple is a foreigner, so we pay a lot for the visa. 

Being in a international marriage costs money!! You need to get him or her a spouse visa and then permanent residency and then possibly a citizenship. The process costs quite good fortune. You definitely shouldn't be poor if you want to marry a foreign girl or boy.

International Marriage might not be as cool as it may sound like to be. There are many sacrifice that you need to make as a husband or a wife in an international marriage. If you are ready to sacrifice, go for the international marriage. It is really fun and exciting. You will hardly get bored of your spouse. If you are not really ready to sacrifice and be stubborn with your belief and not tolerate other cultures and belief, think again. It might be better for you to meet someone shares the same belief and culture. :)

This is the video where I asked James about good things and bad things about international relationship. Enjoy! :)


  1. I think it should be the wonderful and hard part of interracial relationship, not good and bad. :) You guys are cute and are such cute parents to sweet Yuri.

  2. Good article and all good points have I find are quite true. Intercultural relationships in general can be frustrated but they are also more often fun and exciting!

  3. Enjoy your fantasy!!!
    Remain blessed.

  4. I am a European woman in a relationship with South Korean man.

    I think another good thing is that you get to see your way is not the only "right" way to do things. Even if you are open-minded to begin with, it will inevidably expand your horizons.

    Since I don't speak Korean and he doesn't speak my language we have to speak English. That can be a bit difficult sometimes. But we never had any issues with cultural differences. I think we are so similar that cultural differences have no influence on us.

    1. Absolutely agree with lovingkorean. It allows for personal growth as well. I also find my husbnad and I have a very similar culture, however we are not bound by cultural traditions as such so perhaps this makes a difference.

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  6. I am actually attracted to people from other nationalities... my family have tried getting me a Ugandan girl but I always reject them. As a Muslim living in the UK, liking Asian girls this can be and even bigger challenge... I need some Lilly/Patel advice so badly